Radio Show: On Ma:gic

– Marsha is an electronic music DJ based in Athens, Greece. She brings storytelling
through music and magic. She believes that human beings need music, stories and
magic in the same way that plants need sun and rain.

She loved music from a very early age. It was her father who inspired and introduced
her to it. I remember spending Saturday mornings with my father in vinyl shops when I
was a little kid. I’ve been fortunate enough to have grown up listening to quality disco,
soul & rock. Music is a passion that was nurtured since my childhood" she says.

She studied Business Studies and Marketing and worked as a Marketer but her passion
for music prompted her to quit her plum job and pursue her love for music. Her drive
and ambition lead her to score quickly her first gig at a club in Athens where she was
offered a residency straight away. Since then she has performed in different well-known
venues along with Timo Maas, Bedouin, Behrouz, Agoria, Rampue, YokoO, Nico Stojan,
Viken Arman, Mira, Mimi Love, Armen Miran, Stavroz, Oceanvs Orientalis, Lum, Kerala
Dust, Kora, Kate Simko, Magda, Kalipo, Mike Servito, Gardens of God etc.

She is an artist with a delicate taste and a unique sound who has found her own place in
the world of deep electronic music. Her passion has always been the dancefloor,

creating powerful sets and spreading love vibes. She is the founder of Deep House
Athens channel and, being a true Yoga lover, she is also co-founder of Music & Yoga
Project. Last but not least, she is member of Otro Mundo Festival organising team.

She is running her own project called "Marsha Invites”, a series of events where Marsha
invites favourite DJs to share with her stories and special musical moments.

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