Radio Show: Imaginarium

– Born out of the diverse Athenian electronic music scene, Yiannis Psillas a.k.a. Bonso
equilibrates in the cutting edge of house and techno music in the modern age. Started
Djing in 2000, together with his studies on Product and Systems Design Engineering
which leaded him to form the duo “Gus & Bonso” which lasted a decade (2007-2017),
developing an identity that draws on the culture of rhythmic, repetitive, & bassy music
while pushing into uncharted territory.
Having spent his life delving into all aspects of the music he loves, avidly collecting a
broad range of records from hip hop, drum & bass, dub and jazz through to electronica.
Bonso took his name from his former graffiti identity and applied it to DJing and
between it he amassed a broad range of experience performing across Greece. As his
knowledge and skills progressed, he spreaded the message to gigs in Greece, UK,

France, the Netherlands & Romania. His roots however remain firmly entrenched in the
vibrant club circuit of Athens, especially with his regular slots at notorious nightspot Six
D.O.G.S. and shows alongside such legendary artists as Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu,
Matthew Johnson, Praslea, Livio & Roby, Shonky, Julian Perez and many more.
As his reach and influence in Greece continues to grow, Bonso is further establishing
himself outside of his home country with a sound that understands the vibe of the
dancefloor while embracing the opportunity to take his listeners into new and
unexpected places.

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