Radio Show: Jeopardize

– Artee is a DJ born and raised in Nafpaktos, a small town in Western Greece, and is now based in
the capital Athens. Artee discovered his talent for music at a very young age, through studying
piano and violin. At the age of 14 he fell in love with electronic music, especially with artists such
as Villalobos, Deep Dish and Digweed. Two years later Artee began mixing tunes for local bars in
his hometown, and went on to study sound engineering at SAE Athens. Currently he is working
as a sound engineer, at one of the biggest clubs in the Athenian electronic music scene – Six
Dogs – right at the heart of music and relevant artistic influences. Aside from Six Dogs, Artee also
plays at venues such as B-Side and Grow.

Artee’s mixing style primarily combines minimal music with tech house, while he also draws
from other styles as wide ranging as house and techno.

You can catch him playing every second Tuesday at Cannibal Radio with the radio show

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